why us?

Over the past decade, Allagma Technologies Inc. has experienced major growth from its humble beginnings as a small business for IT support. Today, ATI is a major partner with many household names in the world such as Dell, Motorola, and LifeSize (a division of Logitech). Its customer lists includes one of the largest retail chains in Canada, Ardène, and universities such as Université de Montreal.

where do we go from here?

Our company is poised for a major growth in our market. We have some of the best technology products and custom solutions in infrastructure, as well as specialized software and support services.

As we grow and develop or discover intelligent solutions to the challenges in the technological environment, our clients grow with us and benefit from our discoveries.

"allagma" stands for change

Allagma Technologies thrives on change. Keeping up with change is our business. In fact, change is embedded in our name; allagma literally means "change" in Greek.


Custom-built IT infrastructure

No two companies are alike. They all have difference goals and face different challenges. Allagma takes a holistic view of your company’s situation, evaluates its existing systems, factors it its plans for growth, and makes client-specific recommendations.

Videoconferencing and other new technologies

Allagma is one of the few companies in Canada that showcases the emerging technology of videoconferencing. We are dedicated to find and test all new technologies that enhance the business experiences of our clients. That, we think, is serving our clients well.

our advantages:

We pride ourselves for our...

  • Excellence in service
  • Reliability
  • Expertise
  • Proficiency
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Important partners