we are your Information Technology partner

Allagma Technologies is an all-inclusive information technology service that manages the IT infrastructures of medium and large businesses. We have a passion for ascertaining the individual challenges our clients face and have the expertise to transform complex scenarios into simplified, out-of-the-box solutions.

Bring us your IT problems and we will provide you with solutions. Our track record demonstrates that no project is too big to undertake or too small to be ignored.

We are dedicated to providing solutions within a safe and secure environment. It is our mission to alleviate most of the technical workload and security issues that companies have to deal with.

we are efficiency providers

We are solution developers and efficiency providers to businesses that are looking for practical and intelligent ways to solve the IT problems they are faced with, as the new technologies they embrace create new challenges for them.

We provide managed solutions to medium and large businesses with sophisticated multi-server environments, as well as to business clients with large number of chain stores or branches.

our proficiencies:

  • IT infrastructures
  • Videoconferencing
  • Technical resource optimization
  • Networking
  • Virtual environments