IT consulting

Your need to put your right foot forward when faced with a business challenge, and that’s when we can assist you with our consulting services. We thrive on providing business solutions for IT challenges. Our approach takes into account the reality of the business and provides realistic, build-as-you-grow recommendations. Our services include the full implementation cycle of your business operations.

tailored solutions

New technologies have opened the doors to application hosting. This allows SMBs to use applications on a per-need basis, eliminating the need to heavily invest in both hardware and licenses. We can proudly say that we are one of the leaders in Canada in POS system implementation and maintenance. Allagma Technologies is a valuable resource in this field and simultaneously maintains its chain-store clients’ hundreds of POS registers on a daily basis.

recovery services

We help you keep your business in business. When you rely on Allagma’s Recovery Services, you’re always prepared for the worst. We offer a complete solution for keeping you up and running despite unplanned interruptions to your business. Allagma has a disaster-proof infrastructure that includes HVAC controls, security systems and more, as well as advanced hardware and software, reliable tape and disk storage, and sophisticated networking services.

business challenges effectively met by ALLAGMA

  • New technology is risky to implement and costly to roll-out to remote locations

    Allagma's solution: Allagma has the experience and the systems in place to eliminate risk and reduce cost. We can plan the upgrade, test it before implementation, do the detailed project management and integrate at multiple sites.

  • Branch offices expensive to support

    Allagma's solution: We will manage your network and all IT assets remotely. Our support includes extended hours and the expertise to remedy problems before you know they happened.
  • Backups are complex, Disaster Recovery difficult

    Allagma’s solution: New strategy! We offer our Server Virtualization services, which when implemented, it becomes much simpler to backup a single store of data, instead of multiple distributed hard drives. With Server Virtualization it becomes feasible to include redundancy to reduce or eliminate possible downtime, and much easier to restore a “server down” situation.
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