Allagma Technologies Inc.
For every problem...there is a solution
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ALLAGMA sells products differently
we don't simply sell hardware and software; we sell infrastructures and capabilities

what do you do when standard products don’t fit your business requirements?

Our team of experts will guide you through the selection of the best hardware/software for your specific needs and provide the required service for their continued and optimum maintenance.

Allagma helps pool data from multiple sources and rapidly produces meaningful reports in minutes…not days…or weeks!

With Allagma's engineering skills and business experience, efficiency is guaranteed. Often paybacks can be measured in months!

a too common problem businesses are too often faced with:

On the one hand, financial pressures are shrinking company budgets, while on the other, every business has come to realize their total dependence on an efficient reliable system.

Almost 90% of IT budgets are devoted to maintenance, and only 10% to improvements. As a result, the issues of how to cut down the costs, increase reliability, and have better, faster information to make decisions are the foremost concerns of today’s business owner.

our recommendations

communication needs improvement, yet travel is expensive

Allagma will help you design communications integrated into your network, so that the same network will carry voice, data, and videoconference. Hence, the need to travel will be drastically cut down. People will be more reachable, at less cost, and with less travel.

We want our customers to be prepared for the future. So, first we find out what their plans are. If we see the need, we help them improve their plans. We then make recommendations for capabilities that we think is useful for them.

We even help them with trade-off decisions. We do all this to earn our clients’ trust and impress upon them that we do not intend to sell products without a rigorous plan.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the latest technology being developed out there and our expertise in most of the common and not so common products and software available today.